Vermont Maple Syrup

Do you know that syrup making is a vehicle for sustaining friendships? In the days of yore, friends and family would emerge from winter solitude and visit neighboring sap houses once they saw steam rising from their chimneys.

It is much the same today although often times friends drive from miles away to join in the camaraderie of sap houses across Vermont.

In the photos below, friends from out of state come to Vermont to help gather sap and package syrup into jugs; it is a time of sharing, friendship, and fun.

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During the season (February/March) we post to a daily blog so you can experience the sugaring season as it progresses.  

During the off-season, we post information, articles, and photos that explain the process of syrup-making.

At Amber Taps we ONLY buy maple syrup from Vermont maple syrup-makers who use a wood-fired (not oil) evaporation process and gravity-feed systems for collecting sap (not vacuum extraction systems). I guess you could say we have a hankering for pure maple syrup made the old-fashioned way.

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100% Pure Wood-Fired Vermont Maple Syrup