Supermarkets and stores have a wide range of maple syrups you can buy, but do you know what ingredients are really in those? Here at Amber Taps, we have a nice selection of all-natural Vermont maple syrup that has been created in our family for generations. If you want old-fashioned, natural maple syrup, check out our products below.

Our Grade A Vermont Maple Syrup

We’ve made Vermont maple syrup for years, and we’ve perfected the process. We only use wood-fired evaporation and gravity-feed taps so you know you’ll get the most natural and pure maple syrup possible. Once the sap is harvested and evaporated, we simply bottle it and ship it to you.

When you choose our maple syrup, you have four choices for the grade, which affects the taste of the syrup:

  • Golden: This is the lightest grade with the most subtle maple flavor.
  • Amber: This is the most common grade and is what most people think of when they think of maple syrup. Amber provides a richer and heavier flavor than golden.
  • Dark: Dark syrup has a very strong maple flavor and a deep golden brown color.
  • Very dark: This is the strongest and boldest flavor available. It’s similar to molasses, and many people use it for cooking.

No matter what your syrup preferences are, we have the selection for you. We also offer different sizes for your needs, from 250 mL to a pint. From pancakes to French toast, our syrup will provide the best flavor of Vermont maple syrup.

Our Company

Amber Taps has been around since 2014, but we’ve made authentic syrup for generations. We’ve perfected the process and want to bring our family’s delicious syrup to the rest of the country. You won’t be able to find better syrup anywhere else. See below for our selection of maple syrups.

Vermont Maple Syrup

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