Amber Taps offers the finest 100% pure Vermont Maple Syrup purchased from family-owned businesses in southern Vermont. 

Although not quite like the horse/sleigh days ... these small-scale producers are proud of using older techniques for making syrup.

This means -- evaporating sap over wood fire and extracting sap using gravity, not vacuum pumps.

The syrup is harvested every spring from the sap of the Sugar Maple trees in the Green Mountains.

About Our Syrup

It's the bottles! 

About our Suppliers

At Amber Taps we are proud of our bottles. They give maple syrup such an attractive presentation. Great for gifts! 

Southern Vermont at syrup-making time.

Vermont Maple Syrup

Syrup Grades

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There are four grades of syrup, each with its own delicious taste: 

Golden - Delicate Taste: This is the lightest of the grades. It is yellow in color and has a gentle maple flavor.

Amber - Rich Taste: This is the most commonly made grade of syrup, often referred to as table grade. It is amber in color with a rich maple flavor.

Dark - Robust Taste: This syrup is a deep amber color and possesses a strong maple flavor -- very popular with maple enthusiasts.

Very Dark - Strong Taste: This is the darkest and most bold flavored syrup available. It is deep rust in color and has a heavy maple flavor, much like molasses.  It is sought after for cooking. 

Meet the Hayden's, one of the family-run syrup producers that sells to Amber Taps. Their operation began in 1972.  

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